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Cleaning Power

We are focusing on quality parameters for giving better quality products. Our each and every product has great quality values which fight against all types of stains.

Food & Mud Stains

Food & Mud coloring is a dye, so you need to act quickly and follow these removal steps if you hope to get it out. But we can assure you that our products have extremely proven on such stains.

Ink & Paint Stains

Inks and Paint is everywhere you look. From grocery lists, to labels, to photocopies, we use ink on a daily basis to communicate and get things done.

Grease & Oil Stains

Soapy water removes stains from white cotton. Don’t forget to place an absorbent paper or a clean cloth under the fabric. On colored textiles, use water mixed with a little ammonia.

Multi Action Formula

Introducing Premium Quality

100% Stain Remover

7-Horse  is one of the strong players in detergent and fabric care products industries through its quality, values like smooth fabric, anti-stain formula, easy to use.

Tough On Stains

Anti-Stain Formula

Soft On Clothes

Smooth Fabric

Quick Clean

Easy To Use


7 Horse

We are committed to execute 100% smooth fabric care and cloth friendly products. By using our products you can make your fabric long lasting and as smooth as brand new clothes, which make us outstanding from the crowd of detergent industries.

Long Lasting Fabric

Super Active Formula

Smooth On hand

Skin Friendly

Care Your Fabrics

Here are the care labels for your kind information to use our products which comes with different
different care labels, according to its common use and quality characteristics of each and every product